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profilepic01 Sean M Morrison

Hello, my name is Sean Morrison, and I am a student at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC) and am currently working toward my next adventure.  I have been heavily involved with research using ground penetrating radar to image coastal deposits along Lake Superior and using GIS to produce maps of the Yellowstone Trail for publication.

My main passion in studying the landscapes across the earth.  To this end I have traveled extensively with various UWEC programs to places such as Lake Superior, Chicago, the Little Missouri Badlands of North Dakota, the Upper and Lower Peninsula’s of Michigan, Istanbul, the Black Sea Coast, Kachclar Mountians and Northern Greece.  In addition I hope to travel to GPR 2014 this summer in Brussels, Belgium and the Geological Society of America-North Central 2014 section meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska to present my research on Lake Superior Coastal deposits.  As part of the GSA-North-Central conference I will also be attending a field trip to the Nebraska Sand Hills.

Increasingly, natural hazards threaten expanding human civilization.  I hope to extend my geographic and geologic knowledge to help protect human settlements from climatic and tectonic forces.  I would particularly like to use my experiences to minimize destruction to coastal cities by intelligently designing human development in concert with natural forces.

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