GIS and Map Design

Mapping the Yellowstone Trail

The Yellowstone Trail was America’s first automobile route, stretching from “Plymouth Rock to Pudget Sound.” This project assists Yellowstone Trail researchers in creating maps of the historic routes to help guide travelers along the Trail.  A set of maps along the entire trail was first created at a 1:250 000 scale.  Larger scale maps were then created to show areas that required more detail.

Small scale map of Kirkland, WA 01 WA-000 v15

Large scale map of Seattle area

Making a 3D Map

Producing a 3D map from digitized data is a powerful and engaging way to display a map. This poster guides a user through the processes of making a 3D map for the UWEC campus.

3d map

GPS mapping

This project used GPS to map Putnam Park trails.  In addition points were taken so that pictures could be added to maps and located to the correct coordinates.putnam GPS

Map Sampler

For my introductory GIS course we created a series of maps displaying different techniques for displaying data. Sample of various maps were created using ArcMap.  AdobeIllustrator was used to produce poster for final sampler

Using tools

Clip, buffer, dissolve intersect and erase are powerful tools that can be used to make maps that to limit the area in maps.  In this example I created a map showing suitable location for a new golf course in Dakota County, Minnesota using the following flow chart.  Suitable locations were based on distance from major highways, urban clusters and current golf courses.

flowchart golf courses

Network Analysis

In order to learn about network analysis and route modeling we produced maps for the estimated cost in road maintenance from sand mining in Wisconsin.  Routing from each sand mine to the nearest rail terminal and the estimated increase per mile in road maintenance was provided by our professor.ex7

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